Managed IT Services


We provide wide range of services customized to industry requirements from Solution deployment, Managed IT, technology support and Staffing services. Our services will fit in to every infrastructure management needs of small, medium and large organizations.

We have the advantage of a small company focusing on every customer needs with individual attention, medium company offering the flexibility to provide tailored solutions cost-effectively, large company offering wide range of services with the promise of reliability and resourcefulness.

Managed IT Services
  • Data center Infrastructure Managements
  • Network Services
  • Software Services
  • Hardware Services
  • Security Services
  • Hosting Services
  • 24x7 Monitoring Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Email and Collaboration Services
  • Storage Services
  • Remote Administration
  • Virtualization Services

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Are You Looking For Managed IT Services For Your Organization?

Review the following business situations to determine if our Managed Services will provide benefit to your business.

Are you facing challenges with?

  • Staffing IT professionals
  • Reducing IT overhead costs
  • Upgrading your IT infrastructure with new technologies and IT skill sets
  • Managing and maintaining current infrastructure, hardware and Software
  • Configuring AD, Mail servers
  • Hosting and Web maintenance
  • Securing data, transactions and communications
  • Operating in real time to meet 24/7hour demand
  • Delivering services to branch offices and remote work areas.
  • We need to upgrade, refurbish, move, or relocate existing infrastructure implementing new technologies to meet our growth targets.

We can help you improve product time to market in a profitable way and reap the benefits of optimal design and supreme performance. We deliver services in strict adherence to quality standards.

Are you looking at the following to overcome these challenges?
  • Prefer to dedicate resources from Swortech IT Solutions who will manage entire networks and IT infrastructure on an outsourcing basis/contract basis.
  • Prefer to engage our internal staff to manage mission critical processes and core competencies while resources from Swortech IT Solutions will provide network support services.
  • Prefer to add additional networking staff to meet our expanding business needs and would prefer to hire additional resources from Swortech IT Solutions rather hiring them on permanent roles.
  • Prefer to engage Swortech IT Solutions team to support our branches or offices in remote locations on an on-call support basis.
  • Prefer to have Mail server and web hosting or maintenance services managed by Swortech IT Solutions team.
  • Prefer to have Swortech IT Solutions team to manage the helpdesk support services at our location or managed entirely from their location.